Custom Water Bottle Labels

custom_bottle_label_williamwyatt_dentisAQUAS WATER – HAGUE offers custom water bottle labels for business marketing and/or special events.

Put your company logo, address, phone number or any graphic you desire onto a case of water bottles to advertise your business or celebrate a special occasion!


Custom Water Bottle Labels for Advertising

Donate your bottles to special events and fundraisers to brand and make your business and products known to the public.  If you identify the target market that you cater to, then select the events that those people you are targeting attend.  For example, if you are a custom jeweler, you may donate your custom water bottles to a private country club whose membership may likely have more interest in your high end jewelry.  Or, if you provide athletic training, you may donate your bottles to the little league in your area for distribution at their games.

An advertisement in the newspaper can get lost in the large number of other ads, but a customized water battle label will usually be noted by each person who is drinking from your water bottles.

This is an effective and alternative method to spreading knowledge of your business.  Try it!


Custom Water Bottle Labels for Special Occasions

Getting married?  Provide water bottles at your reception with your names and wedding date on them!


Sample Water Bottle Labels:

custom_bottle_label_amybellamy_portraits custom_bottle_label_williamwyatt_dentis custom_bottle_label_williamwyatt_dentis custom_bottle_label_tracyandjeremy_wedding custom_bottle_label_pattyandsteve_wedding custom_bottle_label_martinmilewski_realtor custom_bottle_label_mariemont_school abel_jocelynandsteve_wedding