Frequently Asked Questions

Will you test my water for hardness and contaminants?

Yes, Aquas Water – Hague will come to your home and test your water for free.  We will analyze your water for hardness, pH, and iron among other criteria.  Based upon the results, we will know how to  custom configure your water  conditioning system to ensure the proper filtration for clean, soft water whether your current water is from a well, the city supply, or a combination.

How often does the water treatment system, WaterMax®, need to have its filters changed?

Never.  The sediment filter which serviced water for the entire house is self-cleaning.  The system automatically and periodically recharges itself sending the filtered sediment and dirt down the drain.

How is the WaterMax® water softener controlled?

By the Watermax® Systems Control box which is set upon placement and never needs to be changed.  It keeps track of the water usage and recharges after a certain amount of water is used.

How long does the Hague manufacturer guarantee its water treatment system, the WaterMax®?

For 25 years.  This water treatment system by Hague is of the highest quality and Hague stands behind it.  Aquas Water – Hague, our local distributor for the Central Valley of California including Modesto, Stockton, Tracy, Turlock, Lodi, Manteca, and Merced will provide you with a copy of the warranty.

Can I have the WaterMax® water softener installed outside?

Yes, its UV-resistant materials allow outdoor placement in temperate climates.

What maintenance is required of the water softener?

Salt or potassium, whichever you choose to use, must be added to the water softener unit typically once a month although it depends on your water usage.

Is softened water the same quality as filtered drinking water?

Although softened water removes all but a very small percentage of minerals and contaminants from the water you receive from wells or your city, a reverse osmosis system further purifies your water into what we call the “life support water” which is the purest and healthiest form of water for your body.  Our reverse osmosis system filters your water to create great tasting, fresh and pure water for your drinking and cooking use.