WaterMax® Will Save Time and Money

The primary problem with hard water is that it causes build-up of minerals and corrosion in pipes, water heaters, and anything that uses water.

For example, the build-up of minerals inside of a water heater (called scale) becomes a layer of insulation between the water and the heat source causing more required electricity to heat it up.  A 1/8 inch thick scale means 33% more fuel consumption.  In addition, hard water itself requires 21.68% more electric energy and 29.57% more gas energy than soft water.  Use of soft water save 90% of the replacement costs of a water heater.

What this means is that a 1/2 inch of scale on the inside of your water heater will cost $628 per year to heat your water compared to a new water heater with no scale costing $201.

The following statistics are based on a water hardness of 10 grains per gallon with 4 people in the household and a water usage of 75 gallons per day or a total of 300 gallons per day.



The Bureau of Statistics shows that somewhere between 17 cents and 20.8 cents of every dollar spent at the supermarket is spent for a cleaning product.  High quality water will save you up to 75% on soap products!